A Premature Affair

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Richard Joyce
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About The Author

The author was educated at a boarding school in southern England and subsequently obtained an M.A in Modern Languages from Trinity College, Cambridge. For a number of years he played regularly for a top amateur football club, whilst working as a freelance journalist, teacher and writer in London. He has travelled widely, teaching in both Germany, the United States and Canada, and together with a university friend, trekking to India and back in 1960. It was in 1963 that he made his first teaching visit to Texas, where he obtained much of the background for this novel of young love, friendship and hopeful dreams. Several years later he returned with his wife and three children to teach and to coach drama and soccer at that same school, before settling in Somerset, England. He is currently working on a sequel to A Premature Affair.

About The Book

In A Premature Affair, Richard Joyce’s new novel, readers are transported to North Texas in the 1960s for a story about the precarious and fragile nature of young love and early friendships.
“A Premature Affair” depicts an abortive love affair between Adam, a young English writer/teacher, and his determined English girl-friend. The affair ultimately shatters, as the lovers are driven apart by their own selfish aims and flaws of character, as well as by the stifling pressures of parental consent and convention. In parallel, readers will watch the decline and ultimate destruction of one of Adam’s friends and colleagues, Bill, destroyed by flaws in his own character and hidden external forces aligned against him.
Joyce deals with timeless themes in A Premature Affair. “Young people still face the same inherent hazards in their lives and in the affairs of the heart as do the characters in this book,” he says. “Although the external formats may be different today, the internal issues confronting people remain eternally the same.”


“The language is quite beautiful – fluid and poetic.”
                                             Capel and Land, Literary Agents

“The writing is strong and the plot intriguing.” 
                                            Futerman, Rose & Associates, Literary Agents