Demons & Dragons

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Laurence Higgins
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93 (plus 17 B&W Illustrations)
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About The Author

Laurie Higgins retired early and decided to write his first novel which grew from stories he used to tell his children. Living by the sea at Portsmouth he often walks his son’s black Labrador discussing plots and story lines with this clever canine. Previously an accountant and business consultant, he feels the figures he was asked to report were far less credible than this novel.

About The Book

This enjoyable and humorous fantasy follows the adventures of Laurence, a Master Magician, Elizabeth his wife, an Elfin Queen, who is also a White Witch, and their twins, Victoria and Matthew, both of whom are junior magicians.

To help Laurence, Bern, a Cornish Pixie, Patrick, a Leprechaun, along with their steeds, two very clever Guinea Pigs, come to his aid. Independently Laurence and Elizabeth enter the Demon Dimension. Both have to defeat the Guardian of the Gateway into the land, the Demons fiercest fighter, and decide whether to help the slave races none of which are human!

Meanwhile Victoria and Matthew find a huge egg which when hatched produces twin dragons. The Dragons, who have inherited memory, tell Victoria and Matthew about Dragon history. The two sets of twins embark on an adventure to challenge the Leader of the dragons, The Serpent King, who live on Titan (One of the Moons of Saturn).

The adventures take all of them through a very very strange forest (The Pingdom) which is controlled by a wise Time Wizard. Laurence and Elizabeth must defeat two terrible Demon Wizards ‘The Beast’ and ‘Small’ before peace can be restored and nothing can be taken for granted!

To stop a war, a duel is undertaken which is in four parts. They take Laurence to Prehistoric times, the future, the undergrowth (by shrinking) and the Arctic Wastelands. Things do not go according to the rules!

The Demons did not however take into account that Laurence and Elizabeth would at the end have the help of their children who bring along some new found friends to help them.