God's Brains

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Doug Clelland
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About The Author

Doug Clelland, born in Scotland, has worked internationally as an architect and as a professor of architecture in Britain and Berlin. Ever aware that the world we live in becomes endlessly more complex, with infinite actions of both hand and mind made each and every second – and that our very living threatens so much of life, not least our own long term survival, particularly in anything that might resemble a state of grace – what is humanity up to, during their ‘blink of an eye’ existence in geological time? As a participating, observing witness, the author has maintained daily iPhone and more solid ‘logbooks’ for many years, and this first collection of stories, under the eight ‘landscapes’ of – Faltering Footholds, Imperfect Icons, Minutest Mentalities, Precarious Prospects, Zombie Zest, Myopic Musings, Punctured Parting and Threadbare Thriving – draws from these recordings, recognising the full extent of human creativity – and of human frailty. Yet each account encourages people to keep moving on, whilst simultaneously to be fully alert and therefore armed with the tissue and steel required to engage fully with the making of a sustainable planet, accommodating all species.

About The Book

While the stories that make up God’s Brains suggest that the skies of the future will certainly not be pure blue, through their ironic edge and secular bite, they suggest that there are always new energies to be found from the setbacks and the sinking ‘Titanics’ of our lives – that courage remains THE vital currency.

The ‘genre-defying fabrications’ that unfold between the covers of God’s Brains describe the great diversity that embodies the human condition, and in fragmentary ways, they contribute to the notion of existence as converging physical and mental landscapes – both the ones we experience and the ones that are invisible to our ‘common sense’ – suggesting a decisive and overall interweaving of realities.

These twenty-nine stories explore the growing certainty that much of what we take for granted is slipping. With certainties melting away, and with the very idea of individual will becoming acknowledged as hanging by a precarious thread, the tendency grows for social-media-savvy clans and cells, often fundamentalist, restrictive and superstitious in nature, to attract adherents – disappointing signs of closure in an opening and ever-more globalised world.

In some of these pieces, beliefs and habits are scrutinised and sometimes taken to task. One of the most challenging topics of our existential lives as human beings, both blessed and condemned as we are with consciousness – of life having a finite end with no ‘transfers’ – is dealt with as an issue of courage – the courage to be fully ‘here’ without the need for a ‘there’.

At the core of God’s Brains is found the primacy of human morality and the belief that despite the relativities of diversity, there lies ahead the likelihood of a converging landscape of genuine humanism – of human courage motivating the acts of the multitude.