Half Way to Dawn

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Prescott Green
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About The Author

The author was born in 1968 and is a practicing barrister specialising in family law. He lectures on family law to barristers and solicitors. This is his first novel. He lives in Cheshire with his wife and three children and is currently at work on a sequel. Half Way to Dawn is a gripping court room drama which will leave you guessing right until the end.

About The Book

It’s every parent’s nightmare. A young girl comes home late after a night out and tells her parents she’s been raped. A young vulnerable man is accused, but was it really rape?

The job of defending him falls to a young barrister Alex Heston. The only problem is that it’s his first big case and his own nightmare is about to begin as he discovers that his own future may depend on the jury reaching what might be the wrong decision for his client.

Alex faces a trial of his own as he struggles to cope with the unpredictable future of his career due to personal intrigues amongst barrister colleagues. Will the jury return the right verdict?

Alex has one distraction – his developing relationship with the seductive Lucy Hamilton, his solicitor instructing him in the case. She’s beautiful, elegant and clever, but can he trust her? Alex has a burning ambition to get close, very close to her.

Will Alex have the courage to fight for his client against the odds? Half Way to Dawn is a gripping courtroom drama, with a surprising twist at the end. All the facts and procedures are presented as true to life, the author himself being a barrister with many years of courtroom experience.