If Only

a tale of love at first sight

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Edwin Vizor
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About The Author

Edwin Vizor was born in Birmingham (UK) in 1947. He grew up in a loving family where money was always tight. However, they always managed a holiday and this is where his love of Cornwall began. At School he always loved writing essays and although he did not start writing seriously until recently, his book, If Only, had always been in his mind. Most of his working life was involved in Sales and Marketing on a self-employed basis and in recent years he trained and graduated as a Professional Hypnotherapist. Dealing with the public has enabled him to emphasise and extract a lifetime of experiences which as an author have been invaluable in contributing to this novel.

About The Book

It was love at first sight for 14-year old William when he stopped pedalling his bike to allow Joanne to cross the road and go into the shop opposite. In an instant he was struck by her beauty. By the time he had pedalled to the top of the road and returned back to where he saw her, she had gone.

A number of circumstances, however, brought them together. Their love for each other continued throughout four decades, beginning in the ‘Swinging Sixties.’ Moving through teenage years to adulthood was not a smooth journey. Life threw at them many trials that one could think of, including puberty, sex relationships, rape, marriage, divorce and death.

Joanne’s mother took an immediate dislike to William and did everything possible to break up their relationship. Eventually they were married but not to each other. They both had children but not with each other.

Tragedy knocked on Joanne’s door on more than one occasion, finally resulting in a twist that would have been difficult to invent.