Joyful Darkness

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Doug Clelland
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About The Author

Doug Clelland was born in Glasgow. Apart from writing – he has worked internationally as an architect and as a professor of architecture in Britain and in many other parts of the world. As a participating witness in the epic drama ‘Humans on Earth’, the author has maintained daily ‘logbooks’ since the 1980s. Shelves of books, other collections, and the full spectrum of media, have given access to other witnesses’ accounts of our ‘Daily Dance on the Pinhead’ all enabling a looking inwards in order to look out. As the writer sees things, there are infinite actions of both hand and mind made each and every second, by the billions that we humans make up as a species. And so we have this aggregated total of impact and meaning in every one of these seconds, as the world we live in apparently becomes exponentially more complex, and crucially, as each of us seeks out the best possible life on Earth. On the face of it, this very search threatens much of ‘Life on our Planet’, not least our own longterm survival, as we navigate humanity’s ‘blink of an eye’ existence in geological time? Compounding matters, only 5% of what we know exists is visible. Invisibility pervades our existences – in the form of that which we cannot yet detect, and which shapes and shakes. Wonderful too that so much that is pivotal to humanity still awaits discovery. Technology is part of our search tools, however it is not all. Much of what is invisible – perhaps even that which is pivotal to humanity’s future – is within the purview of our 21 (or is that 121) senses? This collection of narratives – Dissolving Bedrock, Miscellaneous Mindsets, Misty Outlooks, Butt Bounce, Restricted Rumbles, Annihilation and Papery Plenitudes – bemoans the dimensions of our corporate ignorance and stupidity; acknowledges the breadth and depth of human frailty; and recognises the full extent of human creativity. The author believes that we can become a cleverer species.

About The Book

This book is about the Invisible apparent. Its narratives investigate what it is to be alive with the concealed … its anchors, caresses, respect, stains, touches, tests, threats, zaps … entangling us in myriad ways … a spectrum of forces from the brutally barbaric to the humanely compassionate … a range from here to eternity – a lottery at birth – beyond our choosing – after which we live.

Then we begin our journey, caught-up by what is visible and what is not.

The eighteen hybrid writings within Joyful Darkness encompass the birth of our Universe to time without horizon – from infancy to the point of dying – from the scale of a tiny insect to that of the tinier, mighty photon – from free will to the incursions of artificial intelligence. Between these covers, some of the invisibilities that trammel us in these themes are investigated.

Much is Darkness – 96% of the Universe.

Closer to home, the bio-chemical infinities of our brains determine emotional darkness, all of us utterly involved in what we cannot feel, hear, smell, taste, touch, see – and indeed – any of the further 12 to 15 senses that contemporary science informs us that we have.

As for the search for, and experience of Joy – well that might be the point of it all – foundation to the wonder of mind and consciousness.