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Stephen Meier
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About The Author

Stephen Ross Meier was born in Fort Sill, Oklahoma, the first of many places he would live worldwide. He received his Bachelors in English from Arizona State University. He currently resides in Venice Beach, California where he is working on several screenplays for different studios, as well as his next Novel and Novellas. Inspired by Art of all kinds, he’s an avid reader with favourites such as: Bukowski, Kundera and Welsch.

Since being diagnosed with Heart Disease at an early age, he lives his life with passion and each day to its fullest. Katka is the story of Gavin, a young American who flees to Europe in hopes of leaving his past problems behind him, only to become entangled in the seedy business of Mail Order Brides. Lured on by a scam of his own girlfriend’s doing, he quickly becomes the front man for ambitious girls with striking beauty and razor-edge wit. Yet, in doing so, he ends up selling his very own girlfriend to what turns out to be a much bigger and more lucrative business. Katka punches you in the face from the start, and leaves you breathless and fatigued with its razor-edge witty dialogue and incredible pace.

About The Book

Are money and love one in the same? Is there a line that lovers can cross where love is killed? Can you really buy a good wife through mail order? In his new, gripping, and thoroughly original novel, Katka, Stephen Meier descends into a dark and complex world where human vice and love blend and blur in the most disturbing ways.

When Gavin and his Czech girlfriend team with her best friend Simona to set up a phony mail order bride business in the Czech Republic, Gavin gets to appear as the “big player” in the ever increasingly seedy and lucrative business of selling wives. But, when Gavin talks the love of his life, Katka, into becoming one of the wives, in a clever double-double on the client, things don’t quite go as expected and Katka is gone.

Left with Simona, Gavin decides to carry on and make things really pay off. He quickly positions himself as the go-to guy for exotic and beautiful European women. As deals grow in size, and in stakes, Gavin begins to regret this dangerous life he has chosen, but he finds it impossible to just walk away. Things begin to unravel when Gavin and Simona receive news of the death of a Czech girl, Meeka, in New York City. Was she one of his? Did Gavin have a role to play in this girl’s death?

Gavin’s doubts grow; the con has now become something else, something all consuming, and he finds himself thinking of Katka, her fate, and how he can undo the biggest mistake of his life. Written in staccato prose using fluid timelines, Katka is a literary first that reads like a movie, leaving you wanting more. This is a must read for anyone who loves noir fiction at its best.