Land of Shadows

The day that changed South Africa’s history

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Stig Dalager
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About The Author

Stig Dalager is one of the leading lights of contemporary Danish literature, the author of 51 works of fiction, comprising novels, plays for the theatre, radio, and TV, film scripts, volumes of poetry, and belles-lettres. He is also the editor of a leading cultural magazine. His novel, Journey in Blue, was nominated for the Impac Prize 2008, and his docu-drama, Two Days in July, proved a major literary triumph in both Denmark and Germany as well as in Britain when it appeared in 2008. Dalager’s books have been published in 24 countries, appearing in 11 different languages. “With his novels and plays Dalager has accrued a distinguished reputation in Europe” – Michael Faber, The Guardian. Land of Shadows is a powerful book about the 9/11 catastrophe, but the significance of its great strength lies in the author’s balance and objectivity in appreciating many conflicting but valid points of view.

About The Book

The Jewish American-Danish lawyer, Jon Baeksgaard, and his Israeli born fiancée Eve, who works in a real-estate firm on the 86th Floor of the South-Tower of the World Trade Center are amongst the 9/11victims caught in the conflagration. He tries to rescue her from the building, and the events following a murder case he is conducting for the defence of a Moslem client bring him and the co-workers of his small East village office into the midst of a tense political situation. The natural fear and anger in the wake of 9/11 give rise to prejudice and the threat of compounding injustice arising through the public outrage committed against New York city. The love between Jon and Eve is of central to the story, which eventually leads the reader to Jerusalem and Hebron.

“Dalager succeeds brilliantly in taking the reader into the inferno of the Twin Towers. .. As a lawyer striving for the cause of justice, Jon Baeksgaard is placed in a morally ambivalent situation, as he has to steer through the politically-motivated conflicts of our globalised world.” – Frankfurter Allgemeine
“Dalager’s political thriller is a triumph.” – _Süddeutsche Zeitung
“The 9/11 events and atmosphere are described with hypnotizing intensity.” –Sweden-Crime, Germany
“A sensational thriller on a grand scale.” – Politiken, Denmark
“A fantastic book which excels in handling a difficult theme.” – L’Univers des Livres, France
“As world literature, Dalager has produced some of the best and most ambitious contemporary fiction of our time.” – Dagens Nyheter, Sweden
“It’s more than an outstanding story – it’s a vision of our world.” – Golden-Globe Winner, American Director, Rodrigo Garcia