One Hand Washes The Other

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Christopher Nicholson
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About The Author

Christopher Nicholson has lived all his 68 years in KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa. He practised as a human rights lawyer, assisting victims of apartheid, before majority rule was won in 1994. His efforts were recognized with two awards and he was appointed a high court judge in 1995. He has published three books: Permanent Removal: Who Killed the Cradock Four? Papwa Sewgolum: From Pariah to Legend and Richard and Adolf: Did Richard Wagner incite Adolf Hitler to commit the Holocaust? The first two were nominated for the Alan Paton prize in South Africa for non-fiction. He is married with two daughters and two grandchildren. His latest book, One Hand Washes the Other, is not only a mystery thriller but an in-depth study of contemporary South Africa with its existing fraught cultural and racial relationships.

About The Book

When Thandi Dladla undertakes to coach a young soccer team in a rural school in South Africa she little realizes how it will change her life. When levelling the terrain to make a field she discovers two skeletons which reveal how ninety percent of people became right-handed.
This leads Thandi on a journey of discovery which helps her not only to coach her team to success but also to find the murderer of her father, a university professor who fought the Apartheid regime. Because of an obstructive police investigation her brother decides to take the law into his own hands and revenge the killing of his father.
As she unveils the clues to the identity of the murderers she learns about the involvement of the State Security Council, a sinister Apartheid body accountable to none that planned and executed the deaths of countless black activists.
She also discovers the origins of handedness, the role of the left and right brain in human conduct and the genesis of evil in the world. Her coaching methods in soccer, including encouraging every player to become equal footed, challenge many existing practices and she discovers how to teach her team and students to surpass their previous achievements. Her struggle with the Catholic headmaster explores the influence of religion in society and its juxtaposition with science and witchcraft. 
In a thrilling series of twists the denouement reveals the dark underbelly of South African society.