Pawn's Gambit

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Harry Armstrong
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About The Author

The author's career to date has been as an academic scientist, interspersed with periods in Whitehall in various governmental roles. He has published extensively in his research field, and has advised a number of companies and overseas governments. He is married with two children and lives near Oxford. Pawn's Gambit, a contemporary political thriller, is his first work of fiction; and the first of a Kate Kimball trilogy.

About The Book

This is an enthralling political thriller. Starting from one seemingly
inconsequential event, it escalates to embrace contemporary political events on an epic scale. Though a work of fiction, the author's detailed research into this world, the institutions and the places involved, give a startling authenticity to the tale which emerges.

Kate Kimball, a publisher, returns from a business trip in California
to find that her partner, Paul Emmerson, an Engineering Professor at Oxford University has mysteriously disappeared. The police, at first helpful, become increasingly and inexplicably obstructive; until Kate realises that if she is to discover what really happened, she must carry out her own investigation. With only a minor clue to go on the task at first seems insurmountable.

As she struggles to unravel what happened to Paul, Kate's life descends
into a tangle of deceptions. She is increasingly sucked into a murky terrorist event of thirty years before; and then into the most lethal political conspiracy of modern times.

Unwittingly, as she seeks to establish Paul’s fate, she becomes a pawn
in the biggest international crisis since the ending of the Cold War; and her life now endangered, she finds herself confronting the hidden powers of the State.

With little room for manoeuvre, she responds with a highly dangerous
ploy, a daring plan that represents her only chance of survival – a pawn's
gambit which will determine the course of world history.