A Question of Belonging

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Tangea Tansley
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About The Author

TANGEA TANSLEY was born in what was then Southern Rhodesia and lived and worked around the world before settling in Perth, Western Australia. She published her first short story “The Kookaburra’s Laugh” when she was twenty-one and other short stories and essays have been published, broadcast and received awards in national competitions. Her most recent book is Perspectives: Story and Memoir. Her other books include For Women Who Grieve, Our Grand Design, Heytesbury Stud, A Break in the Chain and Out of Place. Her third novel, A Question of Belonging, is set in the Limpopo region in the north-east of South Africa and reaches to the heart of what it means to call a place home.

About The Book

The farm Kloof may provide a sanctuary of sorts – but who really belongs here and how important is belongingness anyway?

When her husband Jan is killed by a landmine, his widow Veronica (Ronnie) Boltman has little choice but to pick up her life and continue to farm Kloof. At stake are her young son Rudi’s inheritance, the livelihoods of her farm labourers and her own sense of belonging. From time to time she reaches out for assistance to the owner of the neighbouring property, Jan’s former best friend Piet Toerien.

But Piet has problems of his own. And there are some who have other plans.

Set in Northern Transvaal in South Africa straddling two epochs, Kloof was founded on trust and honesty, the principles of which still exist generations later. But now it is 1978 and the two isolated smallholdings that sit on the border between Rhodesia and Mozambique find themselves in the path of someone else’s war.

An edgy mix of physical isolation and emotional alienation where vulnerability meets grit and determination, A Question of Belonging reaches for the essence of what it means – and just what it takes – to belong.