Rampaging Lovers

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B.B. Dandekar
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About The Author

B. B. Dandekar was born in 1938, in Anand, Gujerat, India--the fourth of five children--to a "Bene Israel" (Indian-Jewish) couple. He matriculated at the age of 13, with a First Class, from Rosary High School in Baroda, where his father was Collector of the District. He was then educated at the Universities of Bombay and London (both his M.Sc(Eng) and Ph.D. degrees are from London University). He taught for about 5 years at the Hatfield Polytechnic (now the University of Hertfordshire), before emigrating to the United States in 1971. He retired as Professor (emeritus) from the University of Kansas in 2010, and now lives, with his wife of 51 years, in Southern California. They have two children and four grandchildren.

About The Book

Rampaging Lovers is an espionage-thriller set in South Africa, England and France against the curtain of apartheid.
   Joshua Samuelson, an Indian and 18 years old, meets with Laura on a deserted beach 20 miles south of Durban. She will not marry him, but leaves him with a parting gift that is to haunt him forever.
   Now, fifteen years later, a lecherous bachelor and a doctor in Hampstead, Joshua is being tracked by Slagter, the South African hit-man, for information he does not possess. Farnsworth, Head of the South African desk of MI-6, assigns Julia, granddaughter of the eleventh Earl of Bromfield, to protect Joshua--and find out why Saul, Laura's husband, should have sent a RED ALERT to Pretoria, before his burnt-out body is found in an abandoned building in Clapham.
   The novel, with nerve-tingling suspense, binds the many finely-etched, memorable characters in a plot with surprising twists. The careful plotting, the prose and vivid descriptiveness, and superb writing, have been admired by many US professionals in the publishing field. It transcends the ordinary class of the genre because it probes deeper into the human heart, and then rips out what it finds there with an almost brutal candour.
   It is a literary novel that explores, with brilliance, the roots of racial tensions, not only in South Africa but in England as well.