Stanley Young is Planning a Murder

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G.A. Milnthorpe
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About The Author

Gavin Milnthorpe is a commercial lawyer who finds time to write in between working, exercising and spending time with his wife and two small children. This is his first novel. Many of Gavin’s friends say that Stanley Young is very much like Gavin Milnthorpe, without the suppressed rage and homicidal tendencies of course.

About The Book

Those who are kind to Stanley Young call him an obsessive compulsive perfectionist who cares about the little details of life. They would point out that reliability and punctuality, together with consistency and uniformity, are qualities which Stanley displays in abundance. They could point to a system of disciplined self-improvement that Stanley has cultivated within his life - helping him to continually broaden his horizons.
Those who are unkind to Stanley Young would call him an aggressive, compulsive, unbalanced, self-centred, emotionally retarded psychopath given to bouts of violence, but the latter rarely say such things to his face. Stanley Young is planning a murder - not just any murder - the perfect murder.
He lives and works at Pottergate – a prestigious, expensive and secluded retreat for people whose rich parents consider that they cannot function in the real world. Stanley is tasked with recording the emotional and social progress of each of these guests. In his humble opinion he considers himself to do a fine job in dealing with the numerous and idiotic personalities who also live at Pottergate, despite their repeated attempts to goad and enrage him.
Stanley has spent years perfecting a carefully constructed plan. Every angle has been considered and every eventuality pondered. One ordinary Friday, Stanley, under the guise of carrying out his normal routine of inspection and interviews, carefully plants the seeds of deception and prepares the necessary tools to carry out his nefarious scheme. But will he have the guts to go through with it?