The Don

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David Bloomberg
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About The Author

David Bloomberg first made his name in South Africa as a director of plays. Subsequently his career embraced the legal profession, the business world and civic politics where as the mayor of Cape Town in the seventies he was a fierce opponent of the apartheid system. At one time a columnist for Cape Town newspapers, his latest career as a writer started 10 years ago and relying on his understanding of theatre, The Don...Story of an Actor is his sixth book. It is indeed the story of a bisexual English actor who rises to the heights of his profession but whom also, due to his complex bisexuality and alcohol and drug dependency, plummets periodically to depths of degradation.

About The Book

The Don...Story of an Actor is a fascinating, fast moving story of the rise and fall of an actor. The main protagonist, Arthur Mullan is Irish born but on a visit to London he is abandoned in England by his boxer father and is placed in a Catholic boarding school where his sexuality is exploited. Entering the theatrical profession he adopts the stage name of Patrick Novello Donovan and at the height of an illustrious career the press confer on him the soubriquet of ‘The Don’. He rises to become a famous English actor but his bisexuality and dependence on alcohol and drugs accelerate periodic downfalls.
Woven into the story are interesting illusory encounters which The Don has with famous people of his time, such as Anton Dolin, Ivor Novello and Laurence Olivier together with the fictitious characters Gregory Packer, an aristocratic dilettante and the eccentric baroness Gwyneth Hesketh-Jones who had graduated from Brixton, to working at Harrods, to enjoying the good life on her late husband’s estate in the “mink and manure” playgrounds of the Cotswolds. The Don’s career while working in Stratford-upon-Avon leading the seduction of his pretty but frail Ophelia while he was strutting the boards as the Prince of Denmark, makes for a humorous encounter.
The Don...Story of an Actor provides the profile of an actor which those in the profession will recognize as authentic and which those less familiar with the stage will find informative and compelling.