The Hoax

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Danbo Collins
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About The Author

Danbo Collins has lived within the sight of the Malvern Hills all his life. He was educated at the local Grammar School and enjoyed a successful career in ceramics, before having enough time to indulge his true passion for writing. The Hoax is his latest story which reveals a dark and sinister world that can only exist under the surface of even the most normal of settings.

About The Book

Graham and Julia are a seemingly normal middle class couple living a comfortable life in the Herefordshire countryside. They embark upon an elaborate scheme to create publicity for Graham's failing career, but very soon their plans turn sour. Unknown to her husband, Julia has another dark agenda that reveals itself when Graham finds himself framed for murder.

Things become increasingly confused and desperate as Graham realises that his wife has abandoned him to his fate. Even his trusted friend, Ed, appears to have betrayed him in the worst possible way. There is some manic driving through the Welsh countryside, an irate ambitious police inspector in pursuit, and finally a fearful boat chase across a stormy English Channel.

As the story reaches its conclusion we are shown that nothing was ever out of Julia's control. Death and mayhem had always been part of her plan. This was not the first time there had been blood on her hands and possibly not the last. This is a thriller by a young new author which maintains its excitement from the first page to the last, culminating in a dénouement which could never have been anticipated.