The Inorganic

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Neale Hambidge
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About The Author

Neale Hambidge is currently an engineer working for an Avionics company in Rochester, Kent, having joined in 1984 on a Youth Training Scheme. He went on to eventually gain a degree in electronics and computing at Queen Mary College, London, and as a career, has spent many years working on flight-control computers. He grew up in a Salvation Army family, attending the Gillingham Corps, and since January 2007 has been happily married to Ilse. They had met in Jerusalem, during Easter, 2005.

About The Book

In the shadow of the Cold War a secretly operating but well-intentioned British research establishment designs a bionic being for use as a sinister defensive weapon in countering the unknown future threats of a foreign power. The manifestations of this creation evoke such unpredictable consequences that even the scientists are reluctant to reveal their full findings to the heads of their government.

Sean Heyward, an MI6 agent uncovers the seemingly impossible, and when the secret formula falls into the hands of several powers, Britain and America struggle to suppress the enormity of the consequences as science begins to lose control over its intended purpose. Dr. Liz Kating, a leading engineer on the most advanced project yet embarked upon by humankind, is horrified by what she and her colleagues have unknowingly unleashed.

The action of the story takes place in England, America, and a remote part of Russia, and the dénoument is finally fought out on the campus of St. Mary’s College in the East End of London with surprising results.

The two leading characters, who fall in love, are not what they seem, and their true origins are not only unknown to those around them, as they appear and act according to human norms, but it is even unknown to themselves. They are used unwittingly as part of an experiment into machine intelligence, and when this goes wrong, a tragic drama unfolds.

The book transcends the science-fictional in that it explores the human condition on a philosophical and even theological level.