The Son & The Heir

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Robin Solomon
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About The Author

Robin Solomon grew up outside a village on the Norfolk-Suffolk border. He studied Politics at the University of Sheffield, focusing on international relations and development. After taking a gap year travelling and volunteering he returned to study International Development at Manchester University. Having focused on the political forces for driving development he became particularly interested in political agency. The Son and the Heir examines political developments in narrative form, exploring how different individuals seek to resist social and political forces that threaten to engulf them and instead engage in society through a path they find morally acceptable.

About The Book

The Son and the Heir is an epic adventure story set on an island in an imagined world where rival households compete for survival and supremacy. The story follows the fortunes of four main characters – Juscius, Adonis, Rabica and Pluvius – in a time of social and political upheaval, as the mutually suspicious Households of the island gradually advance towards war. It focuses on the efforts of these characters as they attempt to reconcile their personal relationships, political convictions and Household allegiances in the face of conflicting loyalties and intense political and social pressures.

Troubled by personal loss, the young lord of the largest house, Juscius Latman, has converted to a rising new religion propagated by his mentor, Zeuorox, but the latter has entered into a compromising political alliance with the lord’s oldest friend, the merchant Ruperis, with the aim of advancing their mutual interests. With the prospect of the age-old balance of states thrown into chaos, Juscius’ rival, Adonis Gatan, seeks to resist, only to find his political professionalism challenged by the rise of the young upstart.

Rabica Lewerix, the son of the third largest house, is a troubled heir, unable to accept his destined future role in a political system he despises. Caught between political dissatisfaction and the emotional turmoil of his rejection by a young noblewoman, he embarks upon a journey of escape with the aim of freeing himself from all burdens – a journey that leads him to his seeking to understand not only the purpose of his own life, but the purpose of all existence on the island. 
As the efforts towards diplomacy break down and the conflict explodes, Rabica and Pluvius are propelled towards self-discovery, while Latman and Gatan prepare for battle. This is a book which will be enjoyed by fans of The Lord of the Rings, and other works which fall into a similar genre to Tolkien or C.S.Lewis.