The Soulless

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Robert James
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About The Author

Robert James was born the youngest son of a Royal Marine and an English teacher. Most of his early life was with family moving from post to post at the behest of her Majesty’s Government until they eventually settled in a small village on the Cambridgeshire/Hertfordshire border. He spent most of his working life at one company, local to the area and following the death of his mother from cancer, a disease he himself has survived, struggled with depression. He is single and still lives in the historic market town of Royston, where he has spent most of his life.

About The Book

The world has gone to hell and it didn’t need a hand cart. All it took was a plague, an insidious virus, re-animating dead humans to prey on the living. Walls are built around isolated communities, refuges for the remnants of mankind scratching out an existence in a decaying land, living islands holding out against a sea of death.

Soulless, Zombies, The Risen, The Dead. They have many names but none as terrifying as The Horde, a legion of rotting corpses roaming the length and breadth of the country. An enclave at Trenton was the last to fall victim, forcing a small group of survivors to flee. Among them is Catherine, a seven-year veteran of the road though barely twenty years of age.

When their vehicle runs out of fuel, they stop to scavenge gasoline from an abandoned station and there, encounter another band with the same idea. A desperate scream is all it takes for the survivors to accept an invitation to Delmarva, the largest and most technologically advanced of all the sanctuaries.

There, finds a world she no longer thought existed behind its tall walls and high towers. Mass transit systems orbit the peninsula and people throng its concourses, streets and cycle ways. Hurrying to and from work, shops, bars and restaurants. Self-sufficient with a strong military, the Rangers and Guardians, who help maintain the peace and security so the Sanctuary’s citizens can live a life of near normalcy.

She begins her training in with the Cobras, a Ranger squad, just as a secret is uncovered, one that could jeopardise the Sanctuary existence. A Guardian lies dead, murdered to keep that secret and Catherine finds herself at the heart of the investigation before the assassin strikes again.