The Ubiquitous Man

Travel beyond the brink

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Christopher Orland
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£14.99, US$ 23.99, €21.50
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823.9’2 [F]
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About The Author

While working successively for the BBC, Trinity College London and schools in the Stroud and Bristol areas, Christopher Orland has pursued a keen interest in creative writing. With co-writer Gavin Stoker he has written a variety of pilot comedy scripts for radio and television as well as a feature film screenplay. The Ubiquitous Man is Christopher’s debut novel.

About The Book

A vivid and mesmerising high-tech thriller that speculates on the field of commercial teleportation.

The year is 2104 and the teleportation of people from one continent to another has become an expensive and controversial reality. Hotshot salesman Guy Rennix of UK firm Tempus Biotronics is offered a business trip from London to New York, travelling via the ultimate mode of transport.

Soon after his arrival in the States, Guy is plunged into a mystery that threatens not only his freedom but also his life. GTP, the multibillion-dollar conglomerate that delivers teleportation, appears to be the source of the problem. Guy decides to risk everything by staying in New York alone to search for answers.

As he edges nearer to what seems an impossible truth, the revelations start piling up until eventually Guy reaches a discovery of monumental proportions...