The Unbroken Promise

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Meg de Patrick
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About The Author

Meg de Patrick is a Senior Policy Advisor in Whitehall, UK where she has delivered several government reforms. She holds an LLB and BL in Law and has a keen interest in international relations, geopolitics and game-changing innovations to make the world a better place. She lives in Surrey, England. Leveraging her understanding of history and its interface with current affairs, The Unbroken Promise is a fast-paced and thought-provoking thriller that details the search for the motive and the identity of the murderer of a double homicide in New York.

About The Book

A gruesome murder at the Vatican, a double murder in New York and the ruthless resolve of a clandestine cabal reveals a deadly plot to re-structure the geo-political fabric of the world.
Following the double murders, the FBI, the Police and the CIA face an uphill task to identify the motive and identity of the murderer. Whilst they conduct their investigations, Olivier LeBlanc, the UN Special Advisor on Nuclear Disarmament and International Security and Cabinet Minister to the President of the General Assembly who is also the brother to one of the victims, receives surreal instructions from the dead. The instructions lead him to a cache of possible motives for the double murders – an ancient parchment and a modern text.
Armed with this arsenal of intelligence, LeBlanc vows to track down the murderers. Together with Dawn Saks, a former Deputy Director of the National Clandestine Service of the CIA, and with Peter Deadman, Head of CIA Special Operations and formerly of the elite US Navy SEAL Team Six, hot on his trail, LeBlanc embarks on a journey, which takes him from the cream of academia in New York to the theologians of the Holy Sea and the covert operations of the CIA unravelling high level conspiracy and intrigues leading to a shocking turn of events...