Unlawful Intent

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Erzi Paris
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About The Author

Erzi Paris is the youngest member of his family. He enjoys a number a hobbies from writing to sport. Variety is the spice of life! Writing has been his passion since schooldays. Starting the adventure is always a thrill and developing all the characters is so enjoyable. This book in particular explores a painful past which the author experienced as a child. Erzi was caught in a custody battle that went wrong. His parents cared more for the battle and drama than their three children. One good aspect was that a hero emerged from the ashes and became an image of hope: viz., the very first character created by Erzi – and Qwerty Smith was born!

About The Book

Qwerty Smith has been a hero and law-abiding citizen, but in attempts to save lives during an earlier period, he has brought confusion and upset people in power. Unknown to him, a hidden and mysterious menace lies in wait to destroy his life. His family life is taken away when his wife, Pamela, begins a campaign to remove him from their marital home.

Why is she doing it and what can he do to stop her? When the unaccountable accusations of domestic violence start, Qwerty is barred from his home. With no options available to him, he finds he has no choice but to live rough. He is forbidden to go near Pamela, his home or their young daughter. With no help from his church or Dorothy, his Guardian Angel, he must fight for himself.

In order to live, he steals and is arrested. Everything Qwerty believed in (even his belief in God) is cast in doubt. Does he want to adapt to his new lifestyle? Will he spiral into a life of crime or go back to his drug habit? It’s only when he meets a duty solicitor, Clara, that a small ray of sunshine seeps into his life. Can he really believe she has the skill to fight to clear his name? Will Clara care enough to correct a miscarriage of justice?

But a more deadly threat lurks in the shadows, revealing that his misfortune has not occurred through the accident of chance. Someone is out there ready to discredit Qwerty and eventually kill him – but who really has it in for him? A strange force is manipulating those whom he has loved, and an evil manifested in a monstrous form is intent on his destruction. They even want to destroy his soul.