Art Bollockese

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Jeff Andrews
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About The Author

Jeff Andrews LLB graduated in Law in 2004 whilst working for a government agency specialising in the examination of dodgy commercial contracts. This involved wading through intellectual guff (Bollockese) in order to identify misrepresentation and fraud. In 2008 Jeff opened the Peche-Art Gallery in Kent, England, together with Deborah Peche and became the on-call curator. During this period Jeff gained first-hand experience of the changes taking place in the art-world; with contemporary art fashion being influenced by art-intellectuals using high-brow sales pitches to obtain gallery space for artists producing what can only be described as ‘unskilled, simplistic or bizarre works’. From his experience examining intellectual babble, Jeff recognised Art was being engulfed in written and verbal dross to ‘big-up’ simple and crazy concepts. He also recognised some of these works appeared to fall outside the established definitions of ‘Art’ bringing him to the conclusion; the global populous are now increasingly being visually defrauded by ‘Art-Bollockese’. Jeff is the person behind the commentary of Joe C Threwitt MA emphasising the need for Joe Public to see through the high-brow bollockese language used to describe, explain and sale modern art.

About The Book

Art Galleries across the world are now full of works that are so bizarre or devoid of skill. Anything including a kitchen sink can be called ‘Art’ if it has enough high-brow verbiage nonsense written about it…namely Art-Bollockese.

To beat a path through this intellectual guff and express the views undoubtedly held by many…the nominated voice of common sense; Joe C Threwitt MA, provides provocative and fun-poking opinions on featured artists and their woeful, weird and/or wacky creations…including the Art Bollockese written about:-

*A Pile of Bricks *A Messy Bed * A Giant Butt Plug – yes, really!
* Canvases Painted White * Toilet Sculpture * Cavorting Nudes
* Billboard Poetry Located in Beauty Spots…

… and many more examples including Turner Prize winning works and well known simplistic, minimalist and conceptual pieces of art; that could have easily been created by a young child or tree living primate.

If this book doesn’t have you laughing out loud, you must be living on planet Fluxus!