How To Tell If Your Lawyer Is CRAP

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B.J. Nelson
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About The Authors

Blair Nelson is not a Lawyer but an ordinary hard working individual. Nelson has over 14 years experience in observing and working with lawyers. The aim of this book is to help members of the public when they employ the services of Lawyers in civil litigation matters.

About The Book

Civil Litigation is a lottery It’s expensive risky stressful and time consuming - and there’s no guarantee of success at the end of it all

Litigation is bad enough in itself but equally uncertain is whether you will get good advice from a Solicitor Will they tell you the true costs? Will they tell you the true risks? Will the action really benefit you or the Solicitor? Will they tell you all you need to know before committing you to a course of action that you may later regret? How do you really know what you are letting yourself in for?

Nelson has written the book to help lay people when using a Solicitor Whether you are taking legal action or defending it Nelson has already been on the journey A lay person Nelson’s experience of Solicitors and litigation is considerable by normal standards and gained the hard way After 6 years of dealing with litigation Nelson felt compelled to write this book as a result of the dreadful experience of Nelson’s family with Solicitors The litigation should have been avoidable had the Solicitor adhered to some very basic principles in the advice-giving process; principles of which the Solicitor was ignorant Nelson discovered that many other people’s experiences of Solicitors were the same especially over inadequate advice received on costs and risks Nelson felt something needed to be done to address the problem not only to help consumers but also to help Solicitors better understand a Client’s needs and expectations

This book is about what lay people need to be told by Solicitors when they employ their services for litigation Nelson wants to spell out to others what they must know before goingahead Nelson passes on experience to help you understand what can happen in litigation what to look out for and what a Solicitor is legally required to do for a Client The book contains all the information which Nelson wished had been available before being dragged into avoidable litigation Information which will help you avoid the pitfalls

You can now benefit from Nelson’s experience by arming yourself with the knowledge to protect you when navigating through the maze created by Solicitors and litigation