Visionary Leadership and Emotional Management

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Rod Cooke
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About The Authors

Rod Cooke pursued a career in banking that encompassed setting up his bank's business advisory service, business relationship management and Area Directorships in both corporate and retail banking. He retired as Head of Credit & Risk for that bank for London and the South of England. Subsequently he acted as non- executive director of a major supplier to UK supermarkets and as Chairman of a Belgian chocolate manufacturer. In the last few years he has run his own business consultancy and worked to offer business mentoring and advice to small businesses in Dorset. His book considers the best leadership techniques he has witnessed and extrapolates how they need to be reworked to cope with the challenges of the digital revolution now upon us.

About The Book

In 1990 the digital age was born with the internet providing the pathway to so many new and better ways to do almost everything. Digital entrepreneurs have damaged many analogue business models during the past 25 years. That first digital generation has just ended and it is clear that nothing will ever be the same again - and that change will accelerate to affect most business models as this second digital generation gains pace. Many of these business models are obsolete and must falter and fall.

Whatever business you are involved with, at whatever level, you must appreciate that the world has changed and how further changes will inevitably affect your business as this second digital generation begins. The ability to gaze wisely into this likely future is described as "Visionary Leadership." Put simply it is the ability to realize the implications of change and be as ready for it as you can possibly be. It is about planning for change and not reacting too late to events that will damage so many business models during the next 25 years. This challenging second digital generation has just begun.

The ability to understand likely future change is part of the answer to reducing the impact of digital risk. The second, and probably of equal importance, is how you train yourself to control your emotions and your attitude, to give yourself the very best chance to lead and manage those you work with. The ability to consider other leaders who you respect and to mirror their skills, their behaviour and their attitude is necessary. This "Emotional Management" will help you to control your thoughts and emotions and to be best able to do what is necessary to move the business forward.

The author has worked at or near the top of businesses involved in banking & commerce, manufacturing, retail and supply; as a director and a manager and as an adviser. In many years of working with those who set out to lead others he has assembled a kit bag of best practices that seemed to him to enable and facilitate best performance, and to guide and coach others along the new path required to respond to the challenges of the digital age now entering its second generation. Let him help you to understand what the future of business looks like and how to respond to the digital changes that are coming.