We All Dance To A Mysterious Tune

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Harold Salkin
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About The Author

Harold Salkin, who has enjoyed a wealth of experience in the “school of life,” as demonstrated in this thought-provoking book, is a poet who has been published in the Keat’s Prize Poems series, as well as in his local paper, The Southend Echo. Brought up in Bethnal Green, he was evacuated to the idyllic countryside of Marlow during the War years, and after National Service in the Rifle Brigade and the King’s Royal Rifle Corps, he settled with his family in Westcliff-on-Sea. During and immediately after National Service he worked as a telegram boy, upholsterer, electrician, and door-to-door furniture polish salesman. He is also the author of The Cradle of True Art a living guide for a troubled world, published by Arena Books. Subsequently he took over his parents’ general drapery business, later specialising in baby wear. This book reflects the wisdom of an octogenarian who is still inspired by “the lust for life.”

About The Book

This book is a sequel to Harold Salkin’s striking autobiographical social review of his age, The Cradle of True Art. In this book he concentrates on the most intimate aspects of his personal life: his early sexual awakening and encounters, and later adventures with women who formed part of his emotional life.

In addition, he contributes a series of strange stories, essays, and poems, some of the latter of which have appeared in literary magazines over the past years. It is in his poetry that his first literary abilities were recognised. Many of the chapter headings indicate the variety of subject matter covered in this remarkable book, for example, memories of an East End childhood in the 1930s; Can men embrace and kiss?; The facts of life; I am going to be a writer; Butchery in Merry England; and The poets have not lied.

In this interesting book full of variety he writes on such political issues as the holocaust; the manifestations of Jewishness; Communism in its different aspects, and the Cuban crisis. The book promises to be a page-turner for all those interested in 20th and 21st century attitudes and social life to which the former have given rise.