My Conflict With a Soviet Spy

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Robert Corfe
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About The Author

Robert Corfe is the author of a number of thought-provoking books in addition to several autobiographical works describing his varied and adventurous life. He is best known for his authoritative 3-volume work, Social Capitalism in Theory and Practice, which is not only a critique of an irresponsible and failing economic system, but a detailed study of constructive measures for ensuring a stable, free, and prosperous society. The present book tells the story of a project he embarked upon in Finland leading to a personal conflict with a man who was uncovered as a Soviet spy. The cloak and dagger adventure involved a broad range of startling personalities from differing national backgrounds.

About The Book

Ron Evans was probably the most notorious Soviet spy of British nationality working out of Scandinavia in the post-War era. Here, for the first time, the full story of the Ron Evans spy case is told in all its drama and excitement as it occurred in the mid-1960s.

Whilst on the one hand Ron Evans was a leading radio engineer with a brilliant intellect, working on sensitive defence contracts; on the other, he was a determined and deft conspirator, manipulating a wide circle of oddly assorted people to achieve his illicit ends. KGB and MI6 agents play a prominent part in this acciunt of seething conflict, an assassination attempt, and death; and only now, in deference to the spirit of the Thirty Year rule and its equivalent application on the international scale, is it possible to reveal the true facts behind this Cold War drama.

Many nationalities and colourful individuals, including diplomats and an eccentric Finnish aristocrat, were involved in the complex intrigue surrounding Ron Evans’ underhand activities. The author, who unwittingly found himself in conflict with the Soviet agent, was by a curious set of circumstances led into the role of spy-hunter, which eventually led to the arrest and conviction of Ron Evans.

But that was not the end of the story. Worse was to follow. Due to an unfortunate set of events, an MI6 agent who was implicated in a counter-plot, found that his cover was blown, and following his capture and arrest by the authorities of a neutral power, Britain’s entire Scandinavian intelligence network came crashing down. Despite the seriousness of the subject matter the author’s observations are often filled with ironic comedy and ridicule.