The Forbidden Knowledge

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George Bentley
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About The Author

The author of this book is a time-served fitter/mechanic of some 30 years experience and a Class 1 H.G.V. driver, now retired. He travelled extensively through the world as a young man, starting at the age of 24 by living in Johannesburg and then working around Southern Africa with an emplyment agency. He has also travelled through Australia, New Zealand, USA, parts of Canada and through Western Europe. It was on his travels that he read the books that gave him the answers to his probing questions. What he found is revealed in this book.

About The Book

THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE, which has been edited out of the Torah, the Bible and the Koran, has been placed back into the context of human history to show that all religions are products of human invention and examples of creative writing.

This book also gives an insight into the terrorist mentality. "All kafirs must die"! It is a case of "believe or die". Christianity also went through a phase of imposing their view of human history in their Witch-hunts. Anyone who did not believe in the Christian doctrine, whether Protestant or Catholic, were burned at the stake or otherwise killed. "Believe or die" was the order of the day. Most of those killed were women.

The philosophy of Socialism also became a type of religion. Hitler's National Socialist or Nazis, killed 6 million Jews and other people who did not fit in with his view of human history. Stalin, in his USSR killed 10 or 20 or 40 million, depending on reports, of his own people who did not agree with his socialist views. Millions were sent to die in labour camps in Siberia. We still have to learn how many were killed by Mao Zedong during his Cultural Revolution in China.

I make the distinction between academics and scholars who are engineers, architects, construction engineers and scientists. These scholars must admit when they are wrong if their ideas do not work. Religious, social, philosophical and political scholars will never admit that they have got things wrong. All human beings, all 7 billion of us, are "learning beings", learning by experiment and trial and error. Academics gain their qualifications and university degrees and then stop learning, which is the biggest mistake any human being can make, especially those people who have power and influence. Humanity can never achieve Absolute Knowledge!