Visionary Perspectives Reincarnated

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William J. Pardue
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About The Author

William J. Pardue. Born 1949 has always been fascinated with the deepest and most important mysteries about man’s mind, body and spirit. He has tenaciously pursued the answer to the fundamental questions of God, Consciousness, Eternity, Good and Evil, Enlightenment and Justice through his books. He lives in Santa Cruz, California and is an Attorney and Author. He has previously published Visionary Perspectives on the Good Life and Why God? His latest book Visionary Perspectives Reincarnated is a search for the answer to the question, is there “one idea” which mankind can embrace which will be his salvation which will make this existence “heaven on earth” and do the visionaries of the past the seminal minds in science, philosophy, religion, politics and polemics provide an answer to that question. This book reviews the thoughts of Socrates, Confucius, Buddha, Darwin, Muhammad, Nietzsche and Freud in a question and answer session which brings these men into your own home where they tell us in easy to understand language where they think man is going and what it is that controls his destiny

About The Book

This book was written out of a sense of hopefulness; a sense that there is an answer to the perennial question asked by members of our species: Is there a state of mind which I can attain which will make my life wonderful, a joy to live? This certainly, is to me, the ultimate question for man. Questions of career, social relations, travel, and education must be of only secondary importance (at least in the grander scale of things).
Most of us have known at least moments of true happiness but they are for most too few and too fleeting. The quest in these pages is for that elusive state of mind which has the power to produce changes in the physical environment mirroring the individual’s dream life. This dream life is referred to here as the Golden Oneida (One Idea).
This Golden Oneida will hereafter be the symbol for that state of mind and affairs which we all seek and which produces for each of us the highest good fortune. It is not a place but a condition a state of mind. It represents an attitude which the physical world recognizes and responds to even adjusts to. It is a mental state or level of consciousness in which the individual experiences the indigenous joy of him or herself and as such harmonizes, synchronizes his life with the flow of reality around him, with the Cosmic flux.
This book reviews a selection of the thoughts of well-known visionaries throughout mankind’s history as they relate to this search for the Golden Oneida. Each of them has their own path, their own philosophy, but in the end the common denominator is the discovery of the self, the necessity to find one’s own light. Our obligation is to fulfill our roles and in so doing we advance the progress towards enlightenment of the whole. Our obligation is to strive for perfection in our daily journey through this adventure called life.