Bully Glares At Anti-Bully

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David Knowles
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About The Author

When I was 14 or 15 my grandfather said something that has stayed with me for all the years since his death. He spent his life mining coal in Haydock, a Lancashire village on the eastern edge of St. Helens, where I was born in 1952. He said ‘you can learn all there is to know about life without going any further than Billinge’ another village, on the northern edge of St. Helens. Well I went off to University, became a Structural Engineer, and lived in the Midlands and then the South West for awhile, but after the 1970s were over came back to where I started. He was right, that tough old man, I could have figured it all out without moving away, see what you think…

About The Book

This is a thought-provoking life-enhancing book addressed to ordinary men and women in the 21st century, that helps resolve a broad spectrum of moral dilemmas. Through the presentation of familiar dialogue, and a realistic yet poetic narrative, the author introduces a discussion of the greatest ethical issues of our age. His core thesis is explored through the Bully/Anti-Bully principle in reaching what may be found to be incontrovertible truths.

There are philosophical problems that every one of us grapples with, e.g., abortion, injustice, euthanasia, infidelity, ‘just’ wars, blackmail, murder, theft, rape and torture. It is the problem of who started it, who reacted, who over-reacted, who was rich and had power and influence, who was poor and never had a chance.

Surprisingly, or maybe not, at the heart of this there is only ONE philosophical issue. A concept so central to all our lives that it is far too important to leave only to academic philosophers, politicians, priests and pundits.

In the words of the author, “listen, come closer. I have only one story to tell, but it is the only story – all other stories are but gilded versions, permutations of a story as old as time, as old as our time upon this earth, the time of the humans. Older than the Koran, older than the Bible or the Talmud, older than the Tao Te Ching, the Pali Canon or the Upanishads, older than Abraham, Adam or Noah, this is the oldest human story ever told: the Story of Morality.”

His concluding words raise one of the great questions of our time when he writes, “It is the job of all Religions to bow their knees and doff their hats to Morality, not the other way round. One of the functions of Religion is to serve morality. It is never the function of Morality to serve Religion. Morality is the older partner.”