Silent Story

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Leon Matthews-Doorman
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About The Author

Leon Matthew-Doorman was born in Birmingham 45 years ago. He is a dedicated father of three and has one grandson. Having joined the forces at 16 he travelled extensively for some years. On leaving the RAF Leon pursued his quest for knowledge and took a Degree course in History and Political Science at The University of Birmingham. He has always loved words and use of the English Language. Having studied for his Degree, he went on to do a Post Graduate Certificate in Education. Leon worked in Schools in Birmingham encouraging pupils to develop an interest in Culture and History throughout the ages. Leon continued to attend night school and pursued his interest in Photography and Theatre Studies. He also wrote a play which was performed on radio. The play has now been translated into a short story and published. Eight years ago he decided to make a career change and trained to become a Paramedic, a job both intense and committed. Leon has a passionate outlook on justice and equality. The book was written as a true reflection on society, policing, equality and the law as it stands today.

About The Book

To the outside world I was a middle-aged man with a good career and a happy family life Yet, behind the façade I was a victim of domestic, emotional, financial and sexual abuse from my female partner.

When her husband Jan is killed by a landmine, his widow Veronica (Ronnie) Boltman has little choice but to pick up her life and continue to farm Kloof. At stake are her young son Rudi’s inheritance, the livelihoods of her farm labourers and her own sense of belonging. From time to time she reaches out for assistance to the owner of the neighbouring property, Jan’s former best friend Piet Toerien.

This account goes into detail of how it feels to be accused of a crime that was never committed and trying to escape the clutches of a violent female partner.

Once the courage and decision were made to leave, the realisation that there were limited resources for male victims to call upon only cemented the problem further. This was also reinforced by the police who failed to recognise the truth and were blinded by policy over facts.

Having spent most of my adult life hiding depression the events as they unfolded forced my secret to the surface. As a result, I was having to deal with my mental demons and trying to survive in a violent and abusive home.

This is the story of how I was let down by the authorities and how I’ve managed to attempt to build my life again once I had the courage to leave.