The Cradle of True Art

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Harold Salkin
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About The Author

Harold Salkin, who has enjoyed a wealth of experience in the “school of life,” as demonstrated in this thought-provoking book, is a poet who has been published in the Keat’s Prize Poems series, as well as in his local paper, The Southend Echo. Brought up in Bethnal Green, he was evacuated to the idyllic countryside of Marlow during the War years, and after National Service in the Rifle Brigade and the King’s Royal Rifle Corps, he settled with his family in Westcliff-on-Sea. During and immediately after National Service he worked as a telegram boy, upholsterer, electrician, and door-to-door furniture polish salesman. Subsequently he took over his parents’ general drapery business, later pecializing in baby wear. This book reflects the wisdom of an octogenarian who is still inspired by “the lust for life.”

About The Book

There are few thinking people today who would doubt that world humanity has reached a moral crisis point. And the crisis is of such a magnitude that the majority either close their minds to its existence out of a feeling of despair, or else are unable to detect its meaning for the future.
This is a book pleading for a fundamental change in human thinking as the evidence of history indicates that any lesser attempt might lead to a catastrophe too horrible to contemplate. The great lesson of the author’s life is that nothing is as important as the people in your life, and it is the quality of those people who influence your life for good or ill.
This book is one more attempt to shine a light into the darkness, so we may find a path to extricate ourselves from the wilderness ahead. The difference this time, however, is that the writer does not claim to approach the eminence of such thinkers as Erich Fromm, Bertrand Russell, or Noam Chomsky, nor does he claim to match the status of Orwell, Camus, or Silone.
The uniqueness of this book is that its perspective is that of an ordinary man who has lived his life as experienced by millions of modest people in a small town environment. Out of the white pages of this book emerges the simple voice of an self-effacing, self-educated man, endowed with the accrued experience and considered thoughts of an octogenarian who still strives to enjoy life and its benefits through the strength which is still offered. This book is not only thought-provoking but inspiring for all those seeking answers to the bigger questions of existence.