Foundations of New Socialism

A Vision for the Third Millenium

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Robert Corfe
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About The Author

The author, who has considerable practical experience as a Labour party activist, sets out to re-establish the concept of Socialism as a vision for the future. But the forward-looking view of New Socialism needs to be very different from the old. The transformation of society over the past sixty years means that old doctrines have to be replaced by new if Socialism is it to be made attractive to the modern man or woman.

About The Book

This is the fourth of four ground-breaking studies on the philosophy of New Socialism by Robert Corfe.

How can sincere support be given wholly to a political party unless it has clear principles underpinning its base? Such a question is of particular relevance when asked of the Labour party in view of the events which have shattered the foundations of Socialism worldwide over the past decade.

At the same time the author appreciates the traditions of the past, and through his sound knowledge of the “science” or theories of the movement, he is able to trace an evolutionary thread which may also satisfy the demands of Old Socialist stalwarts. What emerges is a framework for motivating the enthusiasm of existing party workers, and for bringing many millions of politically uncommitted people into the movement.