Flying in Father’s Footsteps

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Tom Eeles
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About The Author

Air Commodore Harry Eeles (CB, CBE) and his son Group Captain Tom Eeles (BA, FRAeS) were both pilots in the Royal Air Force from 1929 to 2010. Their combined flying experience covers a period of eighty years, ranging from the early days of a young air force equipped with rudimentary biplanes to flying the complex aircraft of the twenty first century. This book uses entries from both pilot’s military flying logbooks to describe the personal, technical details and the broader circumstances of each flight, also covering the general background of the time, both within the Royal Air Force and the wider world.

About The Book

Harry and Tom Eeles both served in the Royal Air Force as pilots over the time span of 1929 to 2010, eighty years of the Royal Air Force’s one hundred year’s existence. Joining the adolescent Royal Air Force from an unlikely background, Harry Eeles had a varied and interesting career as a fighter pilot, aide-de-camp, weapons instructor, Battle of Britain fighter squadron commander, numerous high profile staff and command appointments including two years working for Chief of Air Staff and four years as Commandant of the Royal Air Force College Cranwell.

Tom Eeles followed his father into the Royal Air Force and had a wide range of operational and instructional flying tours, including embarked time on an aircraft carrier with the Fleet Air Arm, a tour as the Royal Air Force’s chief examiner of instructional flying and command of a large flying training base.

Royal Air Force pilots are required to record all their flying in a logbook. During his research the author, whilst looking through his father’s flying logbooks, was struck by some of the entries, which seemed to have an interesting story behind them. He has chosen a selection of flights from both his father’s and his own flying logbooks and has elaborated on what was originally a simple one-line entry, recording just the date, type of aircraft and duty undertaken, into a full description of the personal and technical issues associated with each individual flight.

Air Marshal Sir Ian Macfadyen, who joined the Royal Air Force at the same time as the author at Cranwell in 1960, has written the foreword. His father was Harry Eeles’s first flying instructor at Cranwell in 1929, thus neatly completing the link between the past and the present. Flying in Father’s Slipstream is a book of great historical, technical and human interest.