Women in Leadership

Five routes to success in business

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Tina Kothari
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About The Author

Tina Kothari is the founder and Director of Hexagon, a major training company, which has changed and grown as a corporate body under her dynamic leadership. Tina was born in India, raised and educated in the UK, and after taking a degree at York University, she became an educational researcher before working several years in the City of London. By the age of 26 she was the director of two Exporting and Confirming houses before ceasing work for 10 years to raise her three children. She then retrained as a counsellor before moving to set up Hexagon Training Company, and has since delivered papers and conducted seminars throughout Europe and the US. It was in the course of this work that she was struck by how few women reached board level, and by the remarkable added value they contributed when board members. This book represents the obvious next step: an enquiry into what makes women succeed in an arena which tilts away from their accustomed path, and what can be done effectively to address this problem.

About The Book

This is a book of stories. Tales of women who have ‘made it’. Ordinary women with extraordinary careers. You would not have known it from their histories; some of them even looked as though they were being groomed for failure. All of them are moving and inspiring.

As I collected these tales, some of my old ideas about developing both men and women at work began to shift. We have not been looking for some important qualities when choosing our leaders and therefore we have not been spotting and developing our talent in the best possible way.

This book tells the story and looks at some of the most striking themes they seem to have in common, it changed my life and my thinking around my own organisation and the work it does.

It is a book for developers of people and recruitment professionals. It is a book for parents rearing the leaders of tomorrow.

It is a book to make you think.

This is a book for men and women with ambition for success and happiness. The two are not exclusive.