Arena Books is interested in considering thought-provoking novels, especially if they entail a relevant social or political message within their artistic framework. Such contributions should have a strong and dramatic storyline and be aimed at a popular audience, whilst at the same time maintaining a high literary standard.

As such stories should be historically authentic to the last detail it would be preferable if they were set in a contemporary setting or within living memory. Historical novels (i.e. those set in an era beyond living memory) will only be considered if they are based in both the psychological and physical realism of their time, and have been written in the light of profound scholarship and understanding. Romantic or “costume” novels of the Georgette Heyer or Nora Lofts genre will not be considered.

The literary merit or meaning of those historical novels we are prepared to consider would be found in the significance of psychological change in the condition of humankind from one epoch to another, so pointing to the vulnerability and relativity of values. The traditional historical novel is too often used as a metaphor for identifying the issues of contemporary times, and this approach almost invariably leads to a distortion in the presentation of past times.

A detailed description of our publishing arrangements for authors will be found in the link headed New Authors Welcome.